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1. How do I book my private lesson?

Open this link:

Choose location and coach. Then click  ''Availability'' under the picture of your chosen coach. Choose the date and time which works for you, select, click next and finish the booking by filling out the form on the screen. After booking you should receive an email confirmation.

2. Which locations offer private lessons?

We offer private lessons in Fitness 2000 Burnaby and Bolt Fitness Abbotsford.

3. What do I need to bring with me?

Please make sure to have proper swimwear, flip flops and goggles. If you have long hair, we kindly ask you to wear a swimming cap or tie your hair.

4. Do you offer lessons for toddlers?

Not at this time. We recommend starting the lessons at age of 4.

5. Can I register a 4 year old for group lessons?
Our group lessons start at the age of 6, while we offer private classes for students aged 4 and older.

6. What is your cancellation policy?

We need at least 24hour notice to cancel your private lesson. Any cancellations less than 24 h prior the lesson will be treated as no show  and no lesson credit will be issued. Cancellations can be done by logging into your account or sending us an email.

7. Can I receive a refund if my child missed one lesson?

We do not offer refunds for missing a lesson, unless your child is sick for a longer period of time. 

8. Do you provide progression cards after finishing the program?

Yes, we do issue progression cards and award children with branded swimming caps according to their level (Bronze, Silver, Gold).

9. How do you teach kids?

We teach kids from the deck to ensure their independence and faster progress. We provide all the necessary swimming equipment to ensure your child's safety. 

10. Can I stay and watch the practice?

We allow parents to stay on the deck and watch the private lesson, but if you would like to leave for one hour, it is also totally fine.





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