Private Lessons
Kids and Adults
For all abilities and skill levels

Are you a non-swimmer or do you have a fear of being in the water?

Do you or your kids want to improve swimming techniques?

Do you need a special program to increase your swimming endurance, improve your breathing, or correct your technique?

We can help you with all of those!


We recommend private lessons for kids ages 4 and up or anyone who wishes to go through all the basics and join a group when they feel comfortable being in deep water without assistance.


​All our coaches follow our unique ISWIM methodology, so you can rest assured that any one of them could help you achieve your goals.

Learn to swim in 8 lessons, guaranteed!*

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​Choose your instructor and enjoy your lessons today.

COST: $93/hour (GST included)


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Hanna Novosad
Fitness2000, Burnaby


As a seasoned swim coach of over 10 years, Hanna supports learning and mastering the skills of swimming for children and adults by applying her knowledge from her athletic experiences as well as a master’s degree in Olympic and Professional Sport Training obtained in Ukraine. Hanna specializes in individual and flexible training approach, utilizes methods of motivations and encouragement.

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Anna Bubela
Fitness2000, Burnaby


With an astounding professional swimming and freediving career of 16 years in Ukraine, a master’s degree in Athletic Training in Water Sports and over 6 years of coaching experience, Anna has contributed greatly through providing swimming lessons to individuals of all ages and levels, including those with special needs. 

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Biricik Eroglu
Fitness2000, Burnaby
Bolt Fitness, Abbotsford


Coach Biricik (Biri) has a very exciting swimming career which began in the Netherlands from the age of 8 and carried through to Pepperdine University in the United States. Then, her coaching career commenced and thrived in California. Now, she is motivated to pass on her precious knowledge to ISWIM students and make their lessons not only fun, but effective.


Aleksandra Malecka
Fitness2000, Burnaby


Aleksandra has 12 solid years of experience in competitive swimming and coaching with all ages in Poland and Canada. Her students enjoy every single lesson as Aleksandra is a kind-hearted person who is great at teaching people to swim from day one. 



Vladimir Ushakov
Fitness2000, Burnaby

CEO and Head Coach

Vladimir is a well-known instructor in Greater Vancouver and beyond. With his extensive experience in teaching all ages and abilities around the world, he will help you learn the basics and advanced techniques with ease and joy. Vladimir knows how to find the right approach for every student.


Alexey Khovrin
Bolt Fitness, Abbotsford

Program Coordinator and Coach

Alexey has more than 16 years of teaching experience in the United Arab Emirates and Canada. His professional approach has helped his students to become very confident swimmers in a short time and to achieve tremendous results in competitive swimming.


Aliya Khovrina
Bolt Fitness, Abbotsford


Aliya is an experienced swim coach with more than 10 years of teaching experience in Kazakhstan, the United Arab Emirates, and Canada. Spending twelve years in competitive swimming provides her a full understanding of proper swimming techniques and performance. You will be impressed with the progress of learning with Aliya.