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Experience Surrey Water Polo's Classes, where the ISWIM methodology takes kids beyond traditional swim lessons, seamlessly integrating the basics of water polo into their aquatic skill set.

How to register for Surrey classes
1. Create an account in the RAMP system. Log in if you already have an account.
2. Log into your newly created account. 
3. On the left side click on MY FAMILY MEMBERS. Add family members (family member is the program participant - your child) 
4. After adding family members, you can start registration. Go to the main page and click register. You will have different days and times available, please make sure to make a correct choice. 
Please choose the introduction division/learn to swim program.
5. Add desired class to the basket and finish the payment. 

Please note: Upon the registration you will have to pay non refundable, one time per season membership fee of $17 and $11.79.  If you wish to register for a group that has already started the course, kindly email to inquire about prorating your fees. 

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